Cloud CFO for Group Companies

Cloud CFO is the ideal tool for your group company consolidation and financial reporting. Synapse brings together FP&A and consolidation in a user friendly spreadsheet interface for business users.

We know that group companies often rely on traditional software solutions which can be difficult and inflexible. Many companies therefore turn to spreadsheets in order to support the process; this is where data integrity issues arise.

Cloud CFO offers the benefits of spreadsheets whilst eliminating the pain.

Why Cloud CFO?


Full Reporting Suite

Generate bespoke reports in addition to standard P&L, Cash Flow and TrialBalance.


Fully auditable user trail

Know who made what changes and when.


Compatible with existing financial tools

Work with your existing processes and software.


Multi-user collaboration friendly

One spreadsheet for everyone, a single version of the truth.



Streamline the preparation of business and financial reports for internal and external decision making.


No training required

But you have the full support of our team should you need anything.

Benefits of Cloud CFO

  • Keep your spreadsheets
  • Automate consolidation
  • View data of the entire group
  • Produce Forecasts, Budgets and
  • Cashflows

Roll out reports in minutes not days

Cloud CFO & Group Company Norman Hay

Tineke Booth, FCA, our Finance and Operations Manager,
transformed Norman Hay, using their spreadsheets.


Who we are

Synapse is a dynamic start-up founded in 2012 by
a British team of experienced Silicon Valley

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