For Project-Based companies Insight is consistently rated as the best planning, budgeting and forecasting solution for accelerating project execution and reducing costs.

Insight rapidly delivered a step change improvement in planning & reporting, and executing projects, for our £1bn transformation programme. The flexibility to make changes, produce new reports, and evolve the functionality was the best we’ve ever seen

Bassam Sabry, Programme Manager, Major Global Retailer

Insight proved to be the fastest, most cost-effective way to robustly scale our Excel based planning, budgeting & forecasting systems for thousands of global projects.

Group Director, €1.4BN Civil Engineering Company

Key benefits of Cloud CFO


For Project-Based companies Insight is especially beneficial when planning, budgeting & forecasting that is heavily reliant on spreadsheets. It offers an ideal ‘path of least resistance’ to a robust system for rapidly producing reliable numbers.


The system ‘washes its hands’ from day one; time and effort is saved – most especially that of your valuable finance and senior project management teams. Provided as a subscription service with expert financial and project excellence support, the monthly Insight OpEx charge will always be a fraction of the cost saved.


By leaving the finance & project teams with their familiar spreadsheets, adoption risk is minimised and an immediate reduction in effort and time is delivered. Financial Management and PMO as well as Project Controllers can tweak the system easily using their expert spreadsheet skills.

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