Cloud CFO


  • Cloud CFO is:
    • A complete solution for Group Company Consolidated Financial Reporting.
    • Of particular benefit when the Finance team has a high dependence on the logic embedded in years of manually created spreadsheets.
  • Cloud CFO automates:
    • The integration of financial data from multiple entities to create a unified Group Finance view of the consolidated Primary Financial Statements (PFS).
    • The generation of multiple live scenarios directly from your historic PFS using drivers and assumptions that you specify in standard spreadsheet syntax
  • Cloud CFO is modular:
    • Management Accounts has a range of PFS reports that can be easily extended using native Excel syntax so that your in-house reporting packs can be easily replicated.
    • Scenario Forecasting extends historic PFS to any number of periods into the future and lets the team collaborate on these different versions


Management Account



  • Supports Multiple different Accounts Production systems and Trial Balance extracts
  • Alternate Hierarchies with totally flexible mappings between entities, divisions and group
  • Multi-entity, multi-currency consolidation

Scenario Forecaster



  • Extend the historic PFS to forecast to any user defined number of periods into the future
  • Pre-built business rule logic extends P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow) in linked sheets
  • The Finance Team can customise this base forecast using their own drivers and parameters


  • Cloud CFO is implemented as a managed service which saves cost immediately from day one. We prove this cost saving by doing a fast Pilot using your data before switching on the service.
  • Cloud CFO has all of the consolidation features expected in a Group Reporting system but now these capabilities are implemented in 100% native spreadsheet syntax. This means that your team are Cloud CFO experts from day one and so adoption is painless.
  • Because your team is already skilled in extending reports and building complex forecasting scenarios there is no reason for the expensive disruption of bringing in consultants to learn a new language.

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