Cloud CFO is an award winning solution to the problem of reliable spreadsheet based financial reporting.

Cloud CFO is an award winning
solution to the problem of reliable spreadsheet based financial reporting.

“Everything about Cloud CFO is ease of use”
David Mathers, ACA, Chief Financial Officer, Seafresh Group

“The monthly close process has been reduced by 3 days, from 13 to 10.”
Nick Ogden, FCA, Group Financial Director, Norman Hay PLC

Key benefits of Cloud CFO


Cloud CFO is especially beneficial for financial reporting that is heavily reliant on spreadsheets, it offers an ideal ‘path of least resistance’ to a robust system producing reliable numbers.


By leaving the finance team with their familiar spreadsheets, adoption risk is minimised and an immediate reduction in effort and time to close is delivered. Finance can tweak the system easily using their expert spreadsheet skills.


The system ‘washes its hands’ from day one; time and effort is saved – most especially that of your valuable finance team. Provided as a subscription service with expert accounting support, the monthly Cloud CFO OpEx charge will always be a fraction of the cost saved.

Next Steps?

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