We are delighted to introduce Cloud CIO, our new Managed Service solution that will give you the information necessary to efficiently and effectively transform your organisation. Cloud CIO is immediately available on your desktop via a familiar Excel interface with a real time connection to our secure Cloud Server.

We provide the Management and Business Information necessary to benchmark your organisation against an up to date view of all other public service providers so that you can immediately identify where your business is lagging.

Cloud CIO means you can get the story behind the data at a glance.

We recognise that you need access to powerful tools and accurate MI to transform your business, enabling you to avoid expensive and unnecessary consultancy costs as you move towards being self-supporting.

Our heavyweight analytics unlock the performance drivers and facts buried in your data to ensure that you don’t have to slog through reams of information, thus driving optimal efficiency as you save valuable time cutting to the heart of the problem.

The data collection process secures files from open data sources such as the websites of industry peers and reporting bodies, creating you a complete view of the public sector back office and support services. We also give you the option to include your own systems and spreadsheets as a source. This is collected, cleansed and integrated in our secure Cloud database. We give you bespoke reporting on this on-demand information and you can reformat the data in a variety of ways.

It’s a simple premise and a simple solution. You keep the Excel spreadsheets you’re familiar with; we work some magic at the back end to supercharge them.

This Cloud CIO technology means that we can provide you with a better, faster and cheaper solution than the alternative of lengthy in-house data integration clogging up your team’s schedules. We can even unlock up to 5-20% financial savings in most cases.

With all this extra time, you can concentrate on refocusing your workforce onto operational priorities, the most important of which will have become clear.

Instead of spending all your time working out where you need to change, you can pour your energy into actually changing.


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