Cloud Modeller – Early Access Programme

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Cloud Modeller Early Access Programme

We would like to thank you for attending our webinar hosted by the ICAEW and are excited to invite you to follow the development of our new forecast solution – Cloud Modeller!

We are keen to have you participate in our Early Access Programme in which we aim to demonstrate the benefits Cloud Modeller could have for your organisation.

You’ll find a video above detailing example uses of Cloud Modeller alongside a download link to the latest Alpha build we have available.

Have any suggestions or found any bugs? We’d love to hear from you! Please use the form below to get in contact with our development team.

Any feedback?

Feel free to let us know any features you feel would benefit the development of Cloud Modeller, or any bugs you’ve encountered.

Your Spreadsheets. Our Cloud.

Keep your standard Excel workbooks, with a new, secure way to store your data. 



We connect your data with our Cloud, ensuring you see a single version of the truth from anywhere in the world.

Design and build your Model in either traditional Excel worksheets, or use our Model Builder Tree view to help you create your reports.

Generate models of any size in seconds, whether it’s a small 30 lines sales report or a 100,000 line Loan book.