Cloud Works

Tired of emailing spreadsheets to your colleagues? Frustrated by people overwriting your workbook? Annoyed that someone has left the shared spreadsheet open all day?

Let Cloud Works remove your spreadsheet stress. Cloud Works is our simplest solution to help you collaborate in Excel; Simply use it as you would a normal Excel spreadsheet, or import your existing worksheets, then press the Sync button.

Your work will be saved to the Cloud, allowing you and your collaborators to see one single version of the truth, saving time and frustration.

Benefits of Cloud Works



Import information from existing spreadsheets.



There is no need for additional software. Cloud Work features retain the familiarity of the traditional Excel layout.



Invite multiple users to work on the same spreadsheet.

So how does it work?



Simply work on Excel as normal.



Sync your workbook to save and store all the changes you have made. This is uploaded to the cloud, for fast and safe storage.



Simply press ‘Receive’ to make sure you have the latest changes applied to your workbook, or to load a book you have Synced.



Send your workbook to a friend so they can see, receive, and collaborate together with you.

Download Cloud Works

Activate Cloud Works

STEP 1: Register to activate your product

To begin using Cloud Works, register using the ‘Activate Cloud Works’ form.

After you have registered you will receive an email with your log in and password. Please check your junk folder.

Scroll to Step Two below to download Cloud Works.


STEP 2: Download

Clicking the ‘Download’ button will activate your download of Cloud Works. This is .zip containing a simple .xlsm file that works with Microsoft Excel 2007 or later. Save this file at a convenient location.

Proceed to Step Three to get started.

STEP 3: Verify

Make sure you have followed the verification link in the email sent to you to verify your product (Step 1). You will not be able to log in until you have completed this step.

Ensure you enable macros after opening the workbook.

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