Cloud Modeller


Coming in 2020

What is Cloud Modeller?

Cloud Modeller is a 100% standard Excel solution to building, maintaining and publishing any model. With Cloud integration, multiple users can work in parallel with real-time access. Watch our first video for an introduction to Cloud Modeller.

How does it work?

Cloud Modeller saves the gist of your model (columns, rows, data) to the Cloud and generates, utilising Java reporting, in seconds. Implement scenarios, multiple views and custom reports – all in a single click.

What are the benefits?

We’re all looking to save time, effort and money whilst retaining data integrity and eliminating risk. Let us show you how Cloud Modeller can do all this for you, your team and your company.


Individual Benefits

Cloud Modeller enhances the way you build, maintain and store models. Utilising the power of Cloud reporting, you can now generate any number of reports, with any number of scenarios in seconds.

Team Benefits

With a real-time multi-user Excel, you and your team can work in parallel to complete tasks faster. Our centralised Cloud database ensures you are working with your latest models and there’s no chance of losing spreadsheets in file systems or email chains.

Company Benefits

Synapse technology has shown success in substantially reducing financial close, and Cloud Modeller extends that to any modelling deadline. Alongside this, full industry grade audit trails elimates the risk in your financials so you can be confident in your numbers whilst producing them faster.




Early Access Programme


Interested in getting involved in the development of Cloud Modeller?

Our Early Access Programme offers the first few companies the opportunity to help build and grow our product. We are looking for companies or individuals with specific, complex modelling problems that we want to fix.

If you have a particularly difficult spreadsheet issue, we want to hear about it.



You can read about the initial concepts of Cloud Modeller in our White Paper, or watch our webinar with the ICAEW.


Cloud Modeller White Paper

The Why and How of a better means of modelling

ICAEW Webinar on cloud modelling techniques

with Nick Ogden Aca and Dr Josef Baker

Coming in 2019!


Cloud Modeller is currently in the final stages of development. Everything on this page is subject to change and enhancement.

If you have any suggestions for the software, feel free to leave us feedback.


Any feedback?


Let us know your thoughts, or any suggestions for the product!


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