RightScale’s January 2016 ‘State of the Cloud’ survey focuses on drawing out the latest cloud computing trends. As you can imagine, this is right up our street.

It will come as no surprise that cloud adoption continues to grow, particularly the hybrid cloud market. In fact, 95% of their respondents were already using at least one cloud solution. They also reported the many benefits of cloud computing such as greater staff efficiency, cost savings, higher performance – as well as too many others to list here  – increasing greatly with the ‘maturity’ of the technology.

Security was supplanted as the top concern for the first time. Technology –and vitally, trust in said technology – has rapidly improved in the past few years as cloud vendors have responded to concerns.

First and foremost, we are a public cloud service provider. One enormous advantage of this is that whilst the first line of defence is us protecting your data, we use the Amazon cloud and your security is a responsibility they take incredibly seriously.

However, the line between public and private cloud models is blurring. For example, one of our largest clients happens to be one of the UK’s leading banks and therefore need to keep their data on complete lockdown in house, as a matter of paramount importance.

The ability to offer both internally and externally hosted data as part of the same solution means we can offer a hybrid environment; we easily adapted our solution to the bank’s needs, utilising their in-house server rather our own to ensure they have the highest possible levels of security, privacy and physical data proximity. Considering their entire business is the safety of their customers’ data, this gives them peace of mind.

To other customers, our own stringent and comprehensive security measures are more than adequate. One huge advantage to storing data with us means that you aren’t responsible for the management and maintenance of the data centre and the associated costs, meaning that you can rest easy knowing it’s in our capable hands.

To reiterate, we are supremely confident regarding the security of the data we host ourselves – for a more detailed blog regarding our security features click here but I’ll briefly summarise – your data is a hundred times more secure with our solution than in the conventional spreadsheets you might currently be struggling with but stubbornly clinging to. We get you, we love spreadsheets too and we’d never try to pry them away from you. We simply add an automated full audit trail, security and user management to your existing spreadsheets, supercharging them in the process.

The choice of public or private cloud is up to you and your business requirements – but the bottom line is that security shouldn’t be holding you back from the power of the cloud.

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