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How can your forecasting process provide timely and reliable numbers?

Our customers tell us that although their monthly consolidated accounts production may be handled smoothly by experts in Group Finance, gathering updated forecasts from remote entities may be a fraught process.

This is especially a problem when forecasting and budgeting is carried out using spreadsheet templates which are emailed back and forth with no certainty of version control or validation.

Incoming forecasts may relate to volatile projects where the local entity manager has little financial experience – late submission of a sudden change in revenue or cost forecast can be a very unwelcome surprise for Group.

Cloud CFO solves these types of problems – both Group and Entity teams share the same familiar spreadsheet templates, but now they are connected to a secure Cloud database system to give everyone ‘one single view of the truth’ in real time.

Cloud CFO is able to enforce data validation rules at the time the entity updates their forecast to ensure that only clean data is submitted to Group. In parallel and in real time, Group can see which entities have submitted forecasts and which are laggards so that the time to close can be accelerated efficiently.

Most importantly, Group Finance may have their own sophisticated spreadsheet model that requires the careful and time–consuming gluing together of these disparate forecast updates – Cloud CFO handles this seamlessly with full audit to ensure data integrity and reliable numbers.

I would be delighted to have a chat or give you a demonstration of Cloud CFO if you would like? Please feel free to email or telephone me at any time.

Kind Regards

Ruth McFarland FCA

Finance and Operations Manager



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