A breakthrough in multi-user spreadsheets

1000 users in one of Britain’s largest Banks share one single version of the truth from any desktop

Based on award winning R&D Synapse has re-engineered the standard spreadsheet you have on your desktop to connect to our powerful cloud databases. The result of this is that every user sees a real time single version of the truth as every other user makes their changes. Now your spreadsheets will have proper data integrity, security, audit and all of the other characteristics that major business software systems have had for decades. Find out how we do this in the video below:

Synapse puts you firmly back in control

We all know how to use spreadsheets and frequently build small systems with them. We endure the cutting and pasting just so that we can have flexibility and avoid the cost and tyranny of software systems that never quite do exactly what we want. Problem solved – build a custom system, deploy to colleagues and Synapse take care of all of the synchronisation updates so every item of data is perfectly up to date and correct. Talk to us about your needs here

Cloud CFO – our solution for Financial Reporting

keep your spreadsheets: ditch their problems

Using our technology we have built a complete solution for Group Company Consolidated Primary Financial Statements, Forecasting and Statutory Accounts – Watch the video below for a quick overview or find out more here …