What sums up a perfect tech event? I would say one which takes the audience through a journey of the changing facets of technology; one which showcases the effects of tech on actual companies and people. How better to adapt and overcome the challenges rapidly changing technology presents than to hear about it from the experts and users themselves?

 ICAEW’s ‘Cloud for Finance’ was one such event and Synapse was very proud to sponsor it. Our co-sponsors included the likes of Wolters Kluwer, Cisco, Hosted Desktop UK and many more.

Presentations from KPMG and Cisco hit the audience with hard data on how cloud has evolved from its early stages, where everyone was wary of its potential to the present day scenario, where the early adapters have reaped immense benefit and the late adopters are only a few and far between. Finance has been known to be a laggard in adoption, however the very idea that KPMG has termed this rapidly changing phase in the finance department as ‘Renaissance CFO’ is a testament to the fact that cloud for finance is where all the investments are headed.

Wolters Kluwer’s new virtual reality demo had the room oohing and ahhing. Viewing accounts receivable data with the background of a beach looked amazing, but it almost seems to be the antithesis of what Synapse wants to achieve. We truly believe data needs to be viewed and managed in the most convenient and productive way possible, and what better way than with spreadsheets? I couldn’t conceive of a world without spreadsheets. What a sad reality that would be.

A simple and intuitive user interface has always been at the forefront of our product design, hence the spreadsheets. Our product Cloud CFO enables accurate group financial consolidation with ease via our beloved spreadsheets, transforming the finance team without them changing a thing. All in all, it was a fantastic turnout at a wonderful venue in sunny London.  A big thank you to those who spent time with us at the event to understand what we do.

And remember, responsibility for embracing tech doesn’t lie only with the CIO!


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Tharanya Jyothiprakash
Product Manager