An IBM study found that nearly 60% of projects aimed at achieving business change don’t fully meet their objectives.

Transformation projects involve a huge amount of variables and demand buy-in across the organisation. They generally necessitate incremental changes from each team member that add up to affect the big picture. This requires employees to be proactive, passionate and well-informed.

Change is easier to swallow when it comes in bite-size pieces. The best strategy is to start by nudging through this people-based change at a local level, rather than to implement sweeping change at an organisational level. A good manager will help to get the ball rolling in their department.

One technique is to sustain this progress by creating champions.

In 2009 Kathleen Hass wrote an award-winning manual called Managing Complex Projects: A New Model. In this book she demonstrates that by launching many small projects that involve five or six people instead of a single larger programme with many more employees, you increase the chances of project success whilst creating success, confidence and champions. A larger stake in a smaller project ensures these employees feel fulfilled and engaged as they’re able to see the impact of their contribution.

These champions need quick access to relevant, accurate data. They need to be able to collaborate and share work quickly and simply, without versioning issues. Cloud CIO is aimed at providing a better, faster and cheaper solution than the alternative of lengthy in-house data integration clogging up team’s schedules.

Other benefits of our solution include:

  • No system to adopt – The Cloud CIO interface is identical to traditional Excel, save for the addition of a small toolbar where all the magic happens. This means almost no training is required.
  • Easy access to all the relevant data means you can avoid unnecessary consultancy costs whilst also unlocking dead budget – this makes undeniable financial sense.
  • In turn, this gives you the opportunity for self-supported business improvement based on accurate management information.
  • We help you to reduce spreadsheet dependency and lost time – no more time wasted collating the data from endless spreadsheets.

If you’re determined to drive change in your organization, we’re here to help. Get in touch here or click here to read more.

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