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Is your monthly financial reporting working well enough for you?

Until now, Group Finance Reporting has been caught between a rock and a hard place; forced to choose between expensive one size fits all reporting software or their more flexible, but error prone, in-house spreadsheets.

Synapse has comprehensively resolved these well-known spreadsheet problems (data integrity, lack of audit and more …) with a breakthrough solution for one of Britain’s largest Banks.

This solution – Cloud CFO – is now available for Group Finance to produce consolidated financial and statutory reporting; the Finance team can keep their familiar spreadsheets, but now they are connected to a secure Cloud database system to give everyone ’one single view of the truth’.

Your Group spreadsheet reporting system can now be easily supercharged with the Cloud CFO secure login, audit, versioning and all of the reliable functionality we expect from a mature accounting system.

Our Cloud CFO customers tell us that having a familiar spreadsheet interface has meant minimum disruption to BAU whilst support for multiple concurrent users delivers a faster and more reliable financial close.

I would be delighted to have a chat or give you a demonstration of Cloud CFO if you would like? Please feel free to email or telephone me at any time.

Kind Regards

Ruth McFarland FCA

Finance and Operations Manager



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