Improve FP&A with a New and Practical Approach to Excel Modelling Problems

Register now for this instructive online webinar run by the ICAEW in association with Synapse

This free webinar on Monday, September 10th at 1pm is to be chaired by David Lyford-Smith, Technical Manager, IT Faculty, and will reveal how new techniques can resolve the difficulties that beset complex Excel models in the FP&A process and make it easier to create initial forecasts and update rolling forecasts. Gone are the days of huge Excel forecast models spanning dozens of huge creaking and linked workbooks. Now, teams can work in arallel and eliminate data conflicts and collating, copying and pasting to see one ‘Single Version of the Truth’.

You will hear from Nick Ogden, ACA, Group Financial Director of the Norman Hay Plc Group of Companies  on how the organisation has tackled the challenge of financial reporting and FP&A and how it has improved productivity and reduced risk without having to invest in an inflexible and costly enterprise system.

  • Learn how to deliver budgets and forecasts in fewer calendar days

  • Learn how to reduce single point of failure risk – often the case when the person who created the complex models is no longer with the organisation

  • Learn how to reduce failures in Excel logic that can have catastrophic impact on the finance operation

  • Learn how HQ only sees one Single Version of the Truth across all of the distributed operations teams’ forecasts – no more collating, copy and pasting

  • Learn how operations teams in different locations can make simple revisions of their view of their forecasts as actuals come in

  • Learn how to make Excel the analytical tool of choice again and reduce cost

Dr Josef Baker, PhD, Product Manager, Synapse, will share a step-by-step walkthrough of how a different way of working in ative Excel speeds up the building of these models by as much as 10 times and increases productivity significantly. 

There will be a chance to put questions to the speakers during the live event.