The Problems We Solve

Software packages often have low user adoption because they involve changing the entire business process.

However, traditional spreadsheets, whilst providing flexibility, cause problems such as constantly out of date data along with collaboration and versioning issues.

With Synapse’s NanoApp technology, businesses keep the advantages of using spreadsheets whilst we remove the disadvantages.

A key benefit is that users can customise these NanoApp spreadsheets themselves.

Our Solution

Below, you can see some infographic case studies to understand the problems we have solved for clients so far and how we have done so.

Our Benefits

Changes are automatically synchronised with everyone else in the team. Collaborative working becomes dramatically more efficient – everyone sees the same revised structure on their spreadsheets.

Control of building and deploying the solution is completely in the hands of the business users. There is no dependence on IT departments or inflexible software vendors. These NanoApps can be created and deployed rapidly, in days not months.

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