The Problems We Solve

Shared Spreadsheet Chaos

Sharing one copy of the same spreadsheet causes many familiar issues.

Synapse solves this problem from the ground up using UK R&D SMART award-winning database technology.

As each single spreadsheet user changes any values in any cells, Synapse synchronises them with our cloud database server and sends one version of the truth back to everyone.

Data Quality

The power of an Oracle database, the simplicity of an Excel interface.

We synchronise the user’s basic validation rules in our cloud server and add additional powerful database rules and constraints.

Whatever data logic that has been defined by the user is then enforced by the database by synchronising this back to each local spreadsheet copy.

Data Integrity

Traditional Excel understands the notion of a single worksheet and the notion of formulae and logic linking cells in two or more worksheets but that’s as far as it goes.

Our database goes beyond Excel by enforcing data integrity rules such as by disallowing changes that don’t make sense with the set database rules.

Business Bottom Line

Businesses grow tired of inflexible, expensive software packages or accounting software that never completely do what they need. Reverting to spreadsheets gives them back the control they need but deadlines are missed, report data is mistrusted and huge amounts of expensive time is wasted.

We remove these problems.

Our Solution



Synapse connects your spreadsheets to our cloud. We provide a simple spreadsheet template into which you can insert your current worksheets or tabs – there is no complexity or new software to install.

Your team will see a toolbar that lets them synchronise their data with colleagues. The team then sees live, up-to-date and clean data on their desktops.


Sync Groups

To configure your initial Synapse cloud service, you create ‘sync groups’ of collaborating individuals in your team.

Each user will see one version of consistent, current data. Different levels of access capability through secure, role-based accreditation and authentication will allow users to see only what is relevant to them.


Business Rules and Validation

Synapse synchronises and backs your formulae and rules in our cloud database.

We also go beyond this by providing extended Excel syntax. This allows users to harness database power to make their rule logic more effective.

Entity Relationships

Advanced users can describe database-level data integrity rules so that primary and foreign key relationships link many different worksheets together, with each effectively treated as a database.

For these expert Excel users, we also expose a programmers API and SQL interface enabling them to create sophisticated applications.



We provide extended Excel syntax that allows intelligent grouping of data according to defined named ranges. This means that highly customised pages of interlinked data reports can be created that precisely match the business needs.

Audit and Security

The Synapse cloud database keeps a complete track of every change made to every spreadsheet cell by every user at every point in time since system inception. This is invaluable for forensic audit and for industrial grade security.

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