Cloud CFO - Automating the Consolidation of Management Accounts

Maintain existing spreadsheets to produce accurate numbers.

Highly Secure, Fully auditable version history, Fully Customisable, Works within Excel, Powerful back-end database, Spreadsheet updates available in real time

Cloud CFO - Producing quicker numbers you can trust

We help businesses produce their accounts in a quick, scalable way using their own spreadsheets.

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A complete solution designed for group companies to automate consolidation, financial reporting and forecasting

One version of the truth

When one team member makes changes, updates are securely shared with others online using automated version control

No new software

Your spreadsheets are enhanced with our toolbar, so your team don’t need to deal with major process or system changes

Tailored to your needs

Your formulae and unique reports are stored easily, giving you a flexible, error-free solution for any number of entities

“In selecting Cloud CFO, we have rolled all our month end processes into a single, competitively priced system that will improve efficiency as well as provide us with the necessary time and capability to analyse the numbers in detail.”

– Jim Little, Finance Director

“The monthly close process has been reduced by 3 days, from 13 to 10,”

– Nick Odgen, Group CFO

“With Cloud CFO supporting us, we know that everything in the system will have been checked and that the figures are 100 per cent correct.”

– Tomas Berntsson, CEO


Cloud Modeller - coming in 2019

Cloud Modeller automates the creation and maintenance of forecasts and other models. You define the structure, parameters and functions and the modeller does the hard work of creating and updating all the cells, removing the risk of broken links and incorrect formulae.

We make spreadsheets work for teams

Synapse Information was founded in 2012 by Brian Donnelly, a British entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran. As a database expert, Brian saw the problem of spreadsheets becoming error-prone and unmanageable as they grow in complexity and, with more users, forcing companies to replace the spreadsheets with unfamiliar, inflexible and expensive systems.

We are proving that you don’t have to ditch the spreadsheets as you grow; you just need to manage them differently. We started out solving the problem for a UK high street bank and global Swedish retailer, before developing our flagship Cloud CFO product. We are based at the Innovation Birmingham Campus with a team of accountants and technologists, alongside business development and support staff who are delighted to receive phone calls or visitors at any time.